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Supplemental Job Displacement

Supplemental Job Displacement

DuRard, McKenna & Borg, in San Mateo, California, represents injured workers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area in workers’ compensation and related matters.  Injured workers in California have a right to a variety of workers’ compensation benefits, including supplemental job displacement benefits.

Eligibility for Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits

You will be eligible for supplemental job displacement benefits if:

  • Your work-related injury or illness occurred on or after January 1, 2004;
  • You are unable to return your former job position because of your permanent disability and work limitations; and
  • Your employer is unable to offer you other alternative work.

If your employer offers you alternative work, it must meet the following criteria:

  • You are able to perform the essential job functions;
  • It is a non-temporary job position which will last at least 12 months;
  • Your compensation and wages will be at least 85% of what they were at the time of your injury; and
  • It is located within a reasonable commuting distance from your residence at the time of your injury.

If the alternative work offer meets these criteria and you reject the offer, you will not be entitled to receive supplemental job displacement benefits.  If your employer’s offer of alternative work does not meet the above criteria, you will still be eligible for these benefits, but you may need to challenge your employer’s workers’ compensation claims administrator on their determination by filing a “Request for Dispute Resolution” with the Division of Workers’ Compensation of the California Department of Industrial Relations.   Our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers can help you determine whether you are entitled to these benefits.

Benefits are Paid as Vouchers

You will be paid your supplemental job displacement benefits in the form of a non-transferable voucher.  You can use your voucher to pay for educational training, skill enhancement, and other vocational education at state-approved or state-accredited schools.  In addition, you can also use up to 10% of the value of your voucher to pay for vocational or return-to-work counseling.  Vouchers can also be used at out of state at schools which are approved according to a state system similar to California’s.

The value of your voucher will depend on your permanent disability rating if your injury took place before January 1, 2013.  If your rating is:

  • Less than 15%, you will receive a $4,000 voucher
  • Between 15% and 25%, you will receive a $6,000 voucher
  • Between 26% and 49%, you will receive an $8,000 voucher
  • Between 50% and 99%, you will receive a $10,000 voucher

To learn more about permanent disability ratings, see our permanent disability benefits page.

For injuries on or after January 1, 2013, if you are entitled to a voucher it will have a value of $6,000 regardless of your level of permanent disability.

Contact Experienced Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

If you have been injured in a workplace accident or suffer from a work-related illness, our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers can help you navigate the often complex workers’ compensation system and help ensure you get the maximum benefits to which you are entitled.  Our lawyers speak Spanish, Hindi, and Arabic.  We offer free initial consultations, and take cases on a contingency fee basis, so you pay no legal fees unless we successfully help you recover.  Call us today at (650) 425-3278.

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