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Workers’ Compensation

An Overview of Workers’ Compensation in the Bay Area

DuRard, McKenna & Borg represents injured workers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area in all aspects of workers’ compensation claims.  We understand that being unable to work because of a workplace injury and fighting to get the compensation you deserve is a difficult situation.  Our goal is to simplify the Bay Area workers’ compensation process as much as possible.

The most important thing for clients to know is that California law requires your employer to pay your workers’ compensation benefits if you suffer an injury or became sick because of work.  Your employer cannot discriminate against you, fire you, or punish you for filing for workers’ comp in the Bay Area.

For a detailed overview of how a claim typically proceeds, please see our overview of the workers’ compensation process.

San Francisco Workmans Comp Benefits

Workers’ compensation programs generally provide for the following types of benefits:

Your particular benefits depend on the type of injury or illness, how long you are ill, and the severity of your condition.  Other benefits that might be available in your case include the following:

  • Medication
  • Rehabilitation
  • Mileage

If the workplace injury or illness resulted in a loved one’s death, workmans compensation laws might entitle you to death benefits.

Supplemental Resources to San Francisco Workmans Compensation

In addition to the benefits available under the workers’ compensation law, you might be entitled to the following benefits:

  • State and federal disability
  • Medicare or Medi-Cal coverage
  • Local health programs

If you have private health insurance, it will probably cover many of your medical expenses.  For more information about these types of recovery, please see our information on ancillary benefits page.

Personal Injury and Workmans Compensation

In some cases, a party not covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance was partially or completely to blame for the injury.  This includes manufacturers of equipment, or third parties such as other drivers on the road.

We use all of our available resources to investigate each case.  This includes seeking recovery from any liable third parties in a personal injury case.

For more information about this type of additional recovery, please see our third party liability page.

Employment Issues with Workers’ Compensation Law

We understand that there is often more to a workplace injury than the monetary and medical consequences.  In many cases, other employment-related issues come up, such as failure to provide reasonable accommodation or discrimination because of the workers’ compensation claim.

Even if you have had no trouble obtaining the proper workers’ compensation benefits from your employer’s insurance company, we can help you if your employer is mistreating you because of your injury.

For more information about the employment problems that can arise during and after your case, please see our employment matters page.

Contact Attorneys Familiar with Workmans Compensation Laws

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, the attorneys of DuRard, McKenna & Borg understand that the workermans compensation process can be confusing for California employees.  We make sure you do not have to go through it without proper legal assistance.

We have dedicated our careers to making sure injured workers can obtain all of the recovery they need in the Bay Area.  Workers’ compensation laws in California entitle workers’ to many rights and we are dedicated to fighting for your case.

Contact us and learn more from our Bay Area workers’ compensation law attorneys.  We take cases on a contingency fee basis, so you will not have to pay any legal fees unless we successfully help you recover.  Call us today at (650) 425-3278.

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